The RönesansBiz Küçükyalı Office Project has Succeeded to Become the First Campus Project in Turkey and Europe to Possess Leed Platinum Certificate.

Rönesans Real Estate Investment has included a further new one in the projects it has developed by an environment-friendly architectural design and engineering understanding and by this A+ class Office Project it has implemented in İstanbul Küçükyalı, it has obtained the quality of being the first campus Project in Turkey possessing Leed Platinum Certificate.

Leed Platinum which is the highest level certificate given by the American Green Buildings Council (USGBC) to structures possessing green building standards, determines many criteria such as, land selection, construction process, life quality offered by the Project the materials used and energy efficiency.

The Office Project, construction of which was completed by Rönesans Real Estate Investment in the last quarter of 2014, was designed towards increasing the social and environmental benefits with an understanding of sustainability starting from land selection. TED Rönesans College which is Turkey’s first LEED certified school structure by its certificate still at Gold level and a 5-star hotel and shopping mall, construction of which is under progress, are located just adjacent to the Office campus having a rentable area of 48.000 m².

Maximum Efficiency in RönesansBiz Küçükyalı

The RönesansBiz Küçükyalı Project which is located on E-5 in Küçükyalı, consists of three office buildings in A+ class standard. RönesansBiz Küçükyalı situated at 500 meter distance to the Küçükyalı metro stop; comes to forefront by its easiness of transportation, modern architecture and environment-friendly design.

While a water saving in rate of 43% is obtained with respect to traditional buildings due to selection of vitrified in the Project and due to the intelligent landscape design, also energy efficiency in rate of 38% is being ensured due to high efficiency electro-mechanical devices selection, automation systems and energy-efficient lighting armatures.

In the Building Opening it has been Rented to Bosch and Turkcell with 100% occupancy rate

By its position seeing islands scene from every floor, interior gardens and landscape design, RönesansBiz Küçükyalı, the campus produced by a campus office understanding increasing the productivity of the employees, too, has been put into practice as rented by an occupancy rate of 100% in the opening of the building. The tenants of this special office campus have been determined as Bosch which has moved its head office and Turkcell.

Rönesans Real Estate is the Leading One for the Firsts in Green Building

Rönesans which has acquired with RönesansBiz Küçükyalı the right to have the first Leed Platinum Campus Structure certificate in Turkey which is the highest level certificate, had also gained in September 2014 the quality of being the first Leed Platinum Certified Tower in Turkey by the 44-floor Tower Office building 185 m tall it imlemented in Kozyatağı--Ataşehir. In the same time, also RönesansBiz Mecidiyeköy Office Project which reached at 100% occupancy rate within the 6 months following its opening in February 2013 and hosting international tenants, had acquired Leed Gold Certificate.