Rönesans Real Estate Investment supports 240-month payment plan campaign with Istanbul Piazza Project

Rönesans Real Estate Investment declares its support to the housing loan campaign with ‘20-year payment plan and low-interest rate’, launched to facilitate house purchases. In the project Piazza built in Maltepe, Istanbul, Rönesans Real Estate Investment provides advantages to those want to buy a house with 240-month payment plan and 0.79 interest rate.

Real estate sector is invigorated with extraordinary campaigns that follow one another, facilitating homeownership and lending impetus to the market. Leading firms in the sector have embarked on the 240-month payment plan campaign. Rönesans Real Estate Investment also, offers 240-month, 120-month and 60-month payment options for the mixed-use project Piazza, built in Maltepe.

Offering a blend of shopping, commerce and residence, Piazza comprises a 26-floor, 230-apartment residential block with a view of the Prince’s Islands, an office block, and a shopping center with outdoor spaces.

Down payments starting from TL 22,550 TL and installments from TL 3,358 Piazza offers 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 apartments ranging from 57 to 212 square meters in size. With a planned delivery date in 2018, the apartments will be on the market with prices starting from TL 451,000. Within the scope of the new campaign, apartments will be sold with 5 percent down payment combined either with 60-month payment plan with 0 percent interest rate, 120-month plan with 0.45 percent interest rate, or 240-month plan with 0.79 percent interest rate. Accordingly, the down payments start from TL 22,550 and installments from TL 3,358. In addition, there is a 12 percent discount for those who want to pay the full price in advance. Pointing out that the 240-month payment plan campaign will stimulate the market by driving residence sales in 2017, Rönesans Real Estate Investment General Manager Hasan Şimşek noted: “The 20-year payment plan will play a direct role in purchasing decisions. This campaign will be an opportunity for those who want to spread payments over a long term. With the Piazza project, we aim at enabling our citizens to purchase a house by offering them various payment plans ranging from the 60-month with no interest rate to 120-month or 240-month plans.”

VAT discount: A major opportunity for house buyers

Commenting on tax regulations on residential purchases, Şimşek added, “Developments such as the removal of stamp tax and the extension of the VAT discount, which reduces the VAT applicable to housing projects from 18 percent to 8 until the end of September, offer great advantages for house buyers.”

Five thousand people will work at Piazza

Offering convenient access and seamless living concept, Piazza is expected to generate employment for approximately 5,000 in its shopping center and office section. In that regard, the 230 residential units are expected to be a highly profitable investment thanks to their high rental income. Piazza features 36,000 square meters of total leasable area, which will be leased to corporate firms. Employees will be able to easily commute between the shopping center and the residential block. Office options range from up to 3,250 square meters on a single floor in the A+ setup. Featuring terraces on its floors, the office block is also a candidate for Leed Gold Certification awarded to environmentally friendly buildings.

Direct subway connection offering easy access to the entire city

Offering very convenient transportation options thanks to its dedicated subway connection, Piazza is located 20 km from Sabiha Gökçen Airport and 3 km from the coastal road. Situated next to the E5 highway, Piazza also offers visitors a parking area with the capacity of 2,400 cars.