Şanlıurfa Piazza, which opened on 10 October 2013 as Şanlıurfa’s largest shopping and lifestyle center, is one of the important attraction centers of the city.

Shopping Center


Sanliurfa, Turkey


42.000 m²

Number of Stores:


Opening Date:

October, 2013

Being the largest shopping and lifestyle center of Şanlıurfa, Piazza plays an important role in the development of the region in social and economic terms, while creating a special social living space in the city. Considering shopping center concept is rapidly changing nowadays, Piazza managed to distinguish itself from other centers with its style in addition to the affordable shopping opportunities it offers, while standing out with its 1,500 m² entertainment complex, which is the first in the city.

With its modern architecture, alternative and prestigious variety of shopping options and food court comprised of 22 cafes and restaurants offering tastes from different cuisines, Piazza Şanlıurfa Shopping and Lifestyle Center always stands out with its uniqueness.