Hilltown Mall opening event witnessed a parade of celebrities.

Numerous names met with their fans within the scope of the opening concerts of Hilltown Mall, realized by Renaissance Real Estate Investment in İstanbul Küçükyalı. During the entertainment marathon that lasted for 3 days ad 3 nights, Işın Karaca, Yalın and Bengü sang their popular songs together with thousands of spectators.

Hilltown Mall was opened with the concerts of Bengü, who sang the 10th Year March together with thousands of fans on October 29, Yalın, who took a break because he was cold at the stage, made his first purchase at the Mall and then continued his concert, and Işın Karaca, who got childish and the playground of the Mall with her daughter Mia.

It is so nice to be on the stage on the Republic Day Popular singer Bengü took the stage in the last one of the concerts specially organized for the opening of Hilltown Mall. Bengü, who sang the 10th Year March together with thousands of spectators at the concert on October 29 Republic Day, said, “It is a great feeling to be on the stage on such an important day, to sing our marches all together.”

A new sailor is born Bengü, telling that she developed a passion for sailing, said “I love the sea very much. The Bodrum cup races were held last week. All os thers are very important for our country. It really was very good for me to be sailing, to be out on the sea, spend time with them. Hopefully, I will also participate in the races in Bodrum next year. I watched the races a little bit, I will also attend courses. A new sailor is born.”

Embarrassed by home questions Regarding the news on that she bought a home for 8 million TL recently, she said, “I am really embarrassed by such subjects. I already live in Acarkent. Currently, some new modifications were made at home. And, they still continue, but this was confused with the other subject.” Meanwhile, Bengü responded to the question on whether she would get married with her boyfriend Selim Selimoğlu this summer or not as, “I really don’t know, but hopefully answers to these questions will come soon.”.

Yalın took a break when he was cold during the concert and made his first purchase at the Mall. Another guest of Hilltown Mall was the popular singer Yalın. Yalın, who had been out of sight for a long time, said that he had locked himself in the studio for his new album. The young singer, who was really cold on the concert evening, took a break during the concert and made his first purchase at the Mall. Yalın, who took the stage with the shawl he newly purchased in the second half of the concert, sang his songs with thousands of fans who accompanied him without minding the cold weather. Yalın, who said “We are working on the new album that I believe will be completed before the summer”, added that he felt very happy and creative in the studio and spent most of his time there.

Işın Karaca became a child once more with her daughter Mia Another name who gave a concert within the scope of the Hilltown Mall opening events, Işın Karaca played games with her daughter Mia at the playgrounds of the mall before the concert.

Işın Karaca took the stage with her two brothers and was accompanied by her older brother Akın Karaca on the keyboard, and her younger brother Serdar Karaca in the vocals.