The 4th generation mall Hilltown is opening on Friday, October 27…

Hilltown Mall, with a different architectural concept that merges shopping, amusement and palatal delights,

is opening its doors to its visitors with superb shows and concerts that will last for 3 days and 3 nights, starting on Friday October 27, 2017.

Show groups that are coming to Turkey for the first time and concerts by popular artists await the visitors within the scope of the opening events of Hilltown Mall

that has been implemented by Renaissance Real Estate Investment in Küçükyalı with an architectural concept that houses brand new trends.

The French show group Remue Manage, which will illuminate the night with fantastic light shows as accompanied by the rhythms of Taikos,

and offer an unmatched experience with electro-sounds and marine animals, will make an appearance in Turkey for the first time during the opening of Hilltown Mall.

Vertical Show, which has made its name heard by extraordinary shows in more than 20 countries in 4 continents, will also come to Turkey for the first time for the Hilltown opening. In addition,

the breathtaking stunt show on the flying balloon will offer a visual feast to the visitors.

Famous artists will meet with thir fans at Hilltown

Işin Karaca will take the stage with her powerful voice and interpretation at 20:00 on Friday October 27 at the special Hilltown Mall opening concert;

while Yalın who says “It is always good for me to be in eye contact with my fans”, will meet with his fans at 19:00 on Saturday October 28.

On the other hand, the popular name in pop music, Bengü will celebrate the jubilation of October 29 Republic Day at 19:00 on October 29, with the Hilltown visitors.

World brands in Hilltown

Hilltown draws attention with its fourth generation shopping mall concept and rich brand mix. Superb options are offered at the catering venues in Hilltown,

in addition to leading brands such as Armani Exchange, Bershka, Beymen Club, Boyner, Brandroom, Carter’s, H&M, Lacoste, Mac Fit, Massimo Dutti, Network, Stradivarius, Under Armour, Vakko Butik, Vakkorama, Zara.

Venues such Vakko Patisserie, Big Chefs, Midpoint, Polenez Brasserie, Michelle, Happy Moon’s, Sushico, Passage, Punto, The Hunger, Saray Muhallebicisi at Hilltown wait for their visitors with the menus they have prepared,

each more delicious than the other.

Hilltown Mall, which is expected to be the new center of attraction on the Anatolian Side with its brand mix,

restaurants with a panorama of the Prince Islands, shopping streets,

neoclassical architecture, easily accessible location and expansive amusement areas, will start to welcome its visitors on Friday October 27.