9 Awards at Once to Renaissance Real Estate by Marcom Awards

Renaissance Real Estate, serving with 9 shopping malls in 7 provinces in Turkey, has appended its signature under a major achievement by receiving 9 awards in total as 5 Gold, 2 Platinum and Honor, at Marcom Awards, deemed as one of the most marketing and communication awards of the world.

At the Marcom Awards, where the largest companies, advertisement and public relations agencies and non-governmental organizations of the world apply every year, Renaissance Real Estate has been found worthy of 1 Platinum and 4 Gold awards with the CRM projects carried out in 8 malls in 2016, and 1 Platinum, 1 Gold and 2 Honor awards with the Book Collection Campaign conducted in cooperation with Renaissance Education Foundation.

The visitors became members of Optimum Club in İstanbul, İzmir, Ankara, Adana Optimum Malls, Kozzy Club in Kozzy Mall, and Piazza Club in Maraş, Samsun, Şanlıurfa Piazza Malls with the CRM application of Renaissance Real Estate. Sweepstakes campaigns with raffle, instant win, points and MPI concepts were organized in 2016 as integrated with the CRM Project. 172 campaigns were implemented in total as 26 in Kozzy Mall, 19 in Piazza Samsun, 18 in Piazza Maraş, 16 in Piazza Urfa, 27 in Optimum Ankara, 23 in Optimum İzmir, 21 in Optimum İstanbul and 22 in Optimum Adana 22.

A step invigorating hopes was taken to the future with the Book Collection Campaign that is being carried out with the cooperation of Renaissance Real Estate and Renaissance Education Foundation since 2011. Children and youth were introduced with thousands of books by offering book support to school libraries, while worn-out or outdated books were brought into recycling with this social responsibility project that was conducted concurrently under the “Each Book A World” motto in İstanbul Optimum, Kozzy Mall, Ankara Optimum, Adana Optimum, İzmir Optimum, Samsun Piazza, Kahramanmaraş Piazza, Şanlıurfa Piazza Mall.

Marcom Awards, which is one of the leading marketing and communication awards of the world, is also included among the most important award programs of the sector in the international arena.

Over 6 thousand applications are made every year for Marcom Awards and the awards are granted by a jury formed by leading specialists in the field, under the supervision on International Marketing and Communication Professionals.