Shopping Center


Kahramanmaraş, Turkey


48.500 sqm

Mağaza Sayısı:


Açılış Tarihi:

April, 2013

Developed to appeal to the city’s social structure Piazza is the first shopping and lifestyle center of Kahramanmaraş, offering almost 150 national and international brands in a total closed area of 110.000 sqm. Piazza, that is also built as an entertainment and lifestyle center in addition to shopping, accommodates playgrounds for children, a skating rink, a bowling center and movie theaters.

Located in the city center, Piazza provides its visitors with convenient and comfortable shopping opportunities thanks to its accessibility, escalators, panoramic elevators and closed and open car park of 1,100 vehicles in total. The center appeals to people of all ages and tastes with its anchor brands such as 5M Migros, LCW, Koton, Media Markt, Vatan Bilgisayar, Playland, Defacto, E-bebek and Flo.

Kahramanmaraş Piazza also appeals to the surrounding provinces of Gaziantep, Osmaniye, Adıyaman, Malatya and Adana and the İskenderun district of Hatay thanks to its accessibility, providing contribution not only to the economy, but also to the social life of the region.

Awards and Certificates

TSE COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate, TSE, 2020