Shopping Center


Ankara, Turkey


38.000 sqm

Mağaza Sayısı:


Açılış Tarihi:

October, 2004

As a discount center for quality shopping with its modern architecture and shopping options with many alternatives, Optimum Outlet includes many stores such as Vakko, Boyner Outlet, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Skechers, Media Markt, Teknosa, Adidas, Mudo, Koton, Flo, Toyyz Shop, Defacto, LCW, Mavi, Ayakkabı Dünyası, Yves Rocher, Penti, Derimod, Network, Armağan Oyuncak, Madame Coco, Playland, Rollhouse, Avşar Sinema. Optimum Outlet also offers its visitors Turkish and world cuisines with its cafes and restaurants including Starbucks, KFC, MC Donalds, Burger King, Kahve Dünyası, Zeynel Çilli, HD İskender, Tavuk Dünyası and Burger Make among others.
Optimum Outlet, as a destination area frequently visited by the residents of Ankara, hosts an average of 12 million people annually. As the first shopping center of the region, Optimum Outlet has become an attraction center for visitors wishing to purchase the products of quality brands at the most affordable prices, with its slogan “Spend Optimum, Live Maximum”.

Optimum Outlet has a wide customer profile with its proximity to districts such as Eryaman, Etimesgut, Elvankent, Batıkent, Çankaya, Yenimahalle and Ümitköy and serves an average of 1 million visitors a month thanks to its location connecting the Ankara Highway, Istanbul Highway and Ayaş Road.